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FC AFC CFC Hellfire's Fast Track MH, MX, AXJ, CD, VS  "Indy" 

2009 Ranked #2 Top Sire for Amateur Field Trial Dogs, only 1 pt. between #1 & #2  Top Sire

 He is only 5 years old and has accomplished sooo much.  He has proven himself in the field, field trials, hunt tests, agility, obedience, and now as a sire!  We have found that Indy produces Indy's.  He style, his personality, his trainability is really dominate in his offspring.

 Indy's son, "Ace", from our very first breeding was 2006 Amateur High Point dog in the East, he also finished the 2006 Nat'l Amateur and was awarded a CM.   He earned his Amateur Field Trial Championship, AKC Senior Hunter & AKC Novice Agility titles last year.   All this at barely 2 years old!!   Indy has some other up and coming pups that will be hitting the circuit this year.  The pups that went to hunting homes are doing very well.  We keep getting emails and pictures from the adoptive parents telling us how much they enjoy their pup. (see Notes to Us)  We are now seeing that people who own an Indy pup are calling wanting another one. When we talk to them they all agree that these are the easiest pups they have ever trained.  Both Indy & Ace recently finished their  Canadian Field Trail Championships, (see Brags) & Indy/Dolly pup CFC Puckerbrush Briley Full Choke also finished his CFC!  It was pretty neat  having Indy & 2 of his sons finish CFC's on the same day at the Canadian Nat'l!   Briley  & his owner, Vern Knapp are our Hero's, Briley  earned a  3rd Place in the 2007 Canadian National!


      Indy with trophies from 2005 Nat'l Open Championship                                          Indy & Ace with Guns Awards Trophies  

   Tim & Indy at  the 2005 Nat'l Open Field Trial Championship in Ogden, Utah  (photo below)         

Indy was chosen by the Official Gunners for the "Guns Award", the Judges Awarded Indy a Certificate of Completion, "Best Performance by a Dog Handled by an Amateur" award & Tim received "Best Amateur Handler" award!  Job well done, Indy was the Only Dog Tim ran & it was both Tim & Indy's  1st Open Nat'l.    

Briley at the 2007 Canadian Nat'l, he is marked just like my Ace, Vern says it's like he is watching Briley  when I run Ace in trials. Vern is one of my Official Gunners ! (left photo)

Indy & Tim also finished the 2006 Nat'l Amateur Championship in 2006  in Kansas, photo below is Indy returning with bird in the Water Series, it was cool, they got towels from Purina to dry off with!!              

Billie K & Ace got a nice towel, too!!  They also received a Credit of Merit!   It was a lot of fun, our Boyz did so well for us, they were the only dogs we ran, it's hard competing in trials this  HUGE with just One Dog each & staying in until the finish.  She also took Indy on a Road Trip most of 2004 & earned his ESSFTA Versatile Springer Award & the 2004 Field Trial/Obedience Springer of the Year!



             "Gun Dog" Training/Handling Services offered by Indy

Indy teaching Grandson "Zeuss", by son FC AFC CFC Fast Track's Accellorator MH, NA. NAJ  "Ace, how the water entry is done!!   Look a little below & to the right, he "Got It"




5 month old Fast Track's A to Z  "Zeuss"

Granddaughter Julianna loves him & he makes her Happy!!



      Truly a Companion/Hunting Dog "Best Friend"






These are photo's of  Indy's Mom & Dad courtesy of Angela Monahan

          Abitt of Hellfire MH   "Maia"                                                     FC AFC Rolling Oaks High Chaprell   "Chaps"

owner Angela Monaghan                                                             Owner:  Bob Child Salt Lake CIty, Utah



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