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From Dave Cross & Piper the Versatile Bird Dog

"Piper" x FC AFC CFC Hellfire's Fast Track MH, MX, AXJ, CD, VS "Indy" & FC AFC Baskwood's Dolly Madison "Dolly"

Hi Folks - I got this shot of Piper waiting for the ducks this morning at sunrise. Thought you might like to see it. - Happy New Year - Dave

Piper with Thames River Hoody, a Mallard & a Pheasant

Hi Billie - Piper and I wanted to wish you and Piper's family the best Christmas ever and a successful trialing New Year! Piper and I have had a great season so far and he has successfully hunted all the species available to us in this area. I am going to try and get him out west next year for sharptail, huns and quail. Winter has arrived a little early and we sit by the fire awaiting the passing of the storm. I have taken him waterfowl hunting on some pretty nasty days and the cold water has not seemed to bother him at all. He has a little neoprene wet suit that seems to keep him plenty warm. It always worked with my springers when I lived in northern Idaho and seems to work well here as well. Here are some recent photos of the boy. He loves the camera. Best to you all - Dave and Piper


This may be next year's Christmas card! Cold water does not phase him! He made 5 retrieves out of the Mystic River today. Have a great one - Dave

Hi Billie - I hope the trials have gone well for you and your pups. Piper and I continue our fall sojourn together through the 2007 hunting season. He has demonstrated the versatility of his breed that I so love. Take a look at these geese he retrieved, abet with some difficulty; they are as big as he is! For a little guy he has a big heart. I send along the sun rise shot just to show you one of the dawns that we have shared together. Best wishes for your success - have a great Christmas - Dave

Hi Billie - I thought you would get a kick out of these shots of Piper in the goose blind. He is so serious for 16 months - great pup. We got a pheasant yesterday, goose hunted today and will go after pheasants again tomorrow. Tough duty but someone has got to do it. Birds make the dog. Best of luck at the Nationals. Say hi to Jeff for me - Dave

Hi Folks - I took Piper for a run this morning and while the snow came down we managed to find two nice cock birds. He is really beginning to learn his trade. He made two nice finds and retrieves. The two birds were our CT limit and so we took some pictures for the records which will go into the archives. I hope you will all have a great Thanksgiving - All the best - Dave

From Dave Cross & Piper "The Versatile Hunting Dog"

Hi Folks - While we were chasing pheasants today John shot a woodcock that Piper retrieved (see photos). He is the first springer I have had that had no problem picking woodcock up. Most of my springers loved to find and flush woodcock but wanted nothing to do with them once they were dead. Piper - he had no problem - show me the birds! So far this season he has retrieved pheasants, geese, grouse, woodcock and mallards. Not bad for 15 months. Hope all is well. - D


Hi Folks - Piper started his first full season of birds in Vermont for grouse and then New Hampshire for pheasants. I thought you might like to see some shots of him. He is a sweet springer, not too large, right around 40 pounds. He is very fast and is doing a good job of finding and flushing birds. He is relatively steady on most of his birds and getting better. He will be on a goose hunt this weekend and it will be interesting to see how he handles the big birds on retrieve. Hope all is well - Dave

Hi Folks - I thought you would enjoy these shots of Piper and his first geese. We had a quick hunt at the mouth of the Mystic River in salt water this AM. We got our limits of 2 geese apiece and after a lot of encouragement on the first bird ( I have found Piper to be very cautious when encountering something new but once he knows it - look out) he did great on the remaining 3 birds, jumping from the boat with great gusto and fighting the ocean current and waves to bring the birds to hand. He is such a ham - Dave

Hi Billie - I do not know if the last batch of pictures went out or not so these may be duplicates.

Piper got his first CT pheasant this weekend.


Hi Folks - After the rain yesterday I decided that Piper and I needed a walk in the fields so we headed to the Franklin WMA just to our south about 15 minutes. We had a short but productive hunt and Piper got his first CT limit of birds. Piper did a good job on both birds and his retrieving is picking up. He recovered the hen in really deep cover and brought it too me without our usual discussion. He is learning and we are both having a great time.
I will hunt deer from the stand across the street this afternoon if it does not get too windy.