FC AFC Baskwood's Dolly Madison  "Dolly"




 FC/ AFC Dolly Madison  

 Dolly is a fast, stylish, big flushing springer.  Although she only weighs 32#'s. She makes up in desire and determination.  I don't  think that there is any retrieve she can't make.  She earned both her AKC Open & Amateur Championships in 2004, we hope to have her back in trials this Fall

We have bred her to Indy twice, the 2nd breeding was requested!! (update: 3 times, we liked them so much we have 2007 pups) There were 6 pups in the 1st litter, I believe 3 of these pups have "Field Trial" homes & at least two others are hunting/companion dogs.  Below is a photo of Vern Knapp with Puckerbush Briley Full Choke  "Briley". After placing in quite a few "Puppy Stakes", Vern decided to give the Amateur All-Age Field Trials a try even though Briley was just a 15 month old pup, he could hardly believe it when they WON the Valley Forge Field Trial, this was the 1st trial Vern had ever finished in his whole life!!  He took Briley to the National Amateur Championship in Kansas!!  I believe Vern will be able to earn a Championship with Briley, we are very proud of their work together!!   update: Briley  achieved Placements in Open All-Age Stakes in both the US  & Canada this spring!  Vern & Briley's  Fall season in Canada was even more exciting!  This Team earned 3rd Place in the Canadian Nat'l Field Trial Championship!!  This completed Briley's CFC & we finished Indy & Ace's Canadian titles by Passing a Water Test  while at the Nat'l!!  Indy & 2 of his sons finished their CFC's on the Same Day!                                   



          CFC Puckerbrush Briley Full Choke


Vern Knapp

3 Place Canadian Nat'l 2007






"Puppy Stake Champion"   Fast Traks Upland Chase o/ John Stewart of California.

They have begun Spring 2008 AKC Amateur All-All Stakes bringing much excitement!   John took a 2nd Place & a WIN, Chase is on his way to his AFC, another soon to be Fast Track Champion  (see our Brags page)

Dolly & Indy's 2nd litter together was HUGE, 11 Puppies.  All this gang had homes by the time they were 9 wks old & we have had several of the new Moms & Dads send us photos & notes.  Everyone seems to be really happy, one couple said they are thinking about a 2nd "Indy" pup ( now they are adding Molson ), they won't be the only ones with multiple "Indy" pups, I believe there are at least 4 people who have more than 1, Tim & I have 3!  update: Now, there are at least 13 people who own more than 1 pup sired by Indy,  we have 4 & one Great Grand Furkid  sired by Ace!!


This is Dave Cross & "Piper" the Versatile Hunting Dog (below).   Together, Dave & Piper hunt 5 or so different game birds: Pheasant, Duck, Quail, Woodcock & Geese!!  I think Dave has provided one of the Best Homes a Springer Spaniel could hope for!!  Tim & I truly enjoy & appreciate all the "Notes to Us " & Photo's  Dave has sent us Dave Cross & Piper the "Versatile Bird Dog"

 1 yr. olds from Dolly/Indy 2nd litter:   "Duece"  & "Boomer"                                                                                        

 Duece "Driving in on his Flush"       Fast Track's Boomarang "Up for the Flush! "                                                                                                                      






                                              Boomer bringing in the retrieve!


Moose from our June 21,2007 litter is also going to Ca.  His new dad, Tom Brisbin, came by last week-end to say Hi to him & visit his parent's Dolly & Indy at training!  A Good Time was had by all!  Moose's new name is "Jet" & Tim plans to "Field Trial" him!  Todd Setzler of Wis. has a female he also plans to Field Trial    Boomer has a new sister to play with at home:  Fast Track's  KayDee            

It's amazing how much KayDee looks like her Mom, Dolly!

They both like to wear feathers on their noses!!










        FC AFC  Dolly Madison                                                                                                                                     Fast Track's KayDee

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